Buying Your First Income Property

In this episode I interview Riley Oickle from Your First Income Property, a successful young real estate entrepreneur. We cover a wide range of topics including how Riley bought his first property, his goal to help 1000 people buy their first income property, returning 250% on an airBNB property, and so much more..

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One Million Dollars on Facebook Ads - James Svetec (BNBMastery)

In this episode we interview James Svetec from BNB Mastery, author of AirBNB for Dummies, and one of the foremost experts of short term rentals. We cover a wide range of topics including how to get started in AirBNB, different strategies for getting involved, facebook advertising, and so much more. James has spent over One Million Dollars to date on Facebook ads and shares some tips and tricks to be successful..

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How to Live For Free (2021) Thumbnail

How to Live For Free (2021)

If you have ever wondered how to live for (effectively) free, check out the video below. It covers the concept of **House Hacking**. Topics: - Mortgages - Downpayments - Interest vs equity payments - Renting an Apartment - Pro tip about Canadian Mortgage and Home Corporation insurance (CMHC).

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